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Pictures of Seahorses by mansy

Horses of the sea

Photography 101

Resources for beginner photographers


Resources encompassing every aspect of THE ELDER SCROLLS series from Bethesda Softworks. . .including modding resources, useful wikis, video collections, walkthroughs, glitches, etc.  HAVE A LINK? Email it to!

Word of the Day

Nourishing your rapacious lexica. Daily. Comment definitions are not exhaustive.

Web Design Inspiration

Great sites for design and UX inspiration (in no particular order)

Mini Documentary Films

Short (15 mins or under) documentaries on a range of topics

Dungeons & Dragons Resources

Resources for the D&D community.

DotA 2 information

Various links related to the video game DotA 2.

Life Advice

Ways to enhance your being


Everything relating to hashtags

3D Modelling

Links to free and paid modelling programs that people use + useful information

Magic the Gathering Resources

Helpful resources for players at nearly any skill level.

Startup Wizard

A how to guide on running a startup

Creative Writing

To become a master wordsman, thou must master the immortal truths below.

Amazon Inc.

The past, present, and future of Inc.

Playstation Vita Games Collection

Recommended games list for PS Vita

Relaxing Music

Music to program/sleep/kick back to

Spoken Word Poetry

Moving poems by amazing people

Facepunch Threads

Best Facepunch Threads

Style for Gentlemen

How to dress like the man you want to be

How to play Bass Guitar!

A few websites to help you get started on playing bass!

Infosec Firefox Tools

Must-have tools for competing in a CTF/pentesting

Dungeons & Dragons by Exigent

Resources for the D&D community.

snoop doing funny shit


Medical Marvels

Amazing stories about medicine

Splendid Speeches

Entertaining and insightful speeches from various events

Essential Fallout: New Vegas Mods

A curation dedicated to F:NV and the best modifications for it.

Top IDA Plugins

Plugins/Scripts for IDA that are kept up to date, useful, and compatible.

Funny Gifs

Any type of funny gifs

80's music

Links to info about various 80's bands

Speedrunning Links

Links to websites and tools for speedrunning

Artistic Movement

Appreciating what the human body can do

British Drama You May Have Missed

Maybe everyone's forgotten about it.

Microsoft Piant Art

I will attempt to capture human nature and emotion in several works of art using the popular and revered program Microsoft Paint.


Pictures, Videos, Articles, anything relating to cats

Couter-Strike: GO 101

Links to help new users out

League of Legends Resources

Perhaps these things will be of use to you.

Ambient Music

The best ambient music here. Full of subtly powerful atmosphere, it will quickly change your emotions and invoke thoughtfulness. Download links are always provided. Enjoy!

Disney Parks

List of resources pertaining to Disney Parks, including vacation planning

Caring for Reptiles

A definitive guide to caring for assorted species of reptiles!

The World isn't a bad place.

Things to keep you with a positive outlook.

Timewasting Games

Games to fuel your boredom.

Pogo - SplurgenShitter

Don't ask about the name, there are no answers.

Interesting Websites

Because the internet is a big and scary place

Kerbal Space Program

Basic tips for both new and old users.

Producers Collective

Basics of music production

Color of the Day

A daily color for you to check out. Maybe it'll influence your psyche in some good way.



Rubik's Cube

Learn how to cube.

Media aggregators

A collection of popular media aggregators.

Call Of Duty

Anything and Everything relating to Call Of Duty

Short Films

cool stuff

computer science


Official Site

Official site for Call of Duty

Maths Stuff

PDFs etc



Adrien's Fat Life

Adrien has no life





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